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Mustapha Bourara, MD -  - OB-GYN

Mustapha Bourara, MD

OB-GYN located in Queens, Astoria, NY

Dr. Bourara offers homeopathic and alternative gynecology services to his patients from his practice in Astoria, Queens, NY. Homeopathy can be beneficial for the full range of emotional, physical and mental challenges faced by women throughout the different phases of life.

Homeopathic and Alternative Gynecology Services Q&A

What is Alternative or Homeopathic Gynecology?

Holistic gynecology services address the overall sexual health of the patient, beyond the regular pap smear or obstetric services. Holistic gynecology treats the overall health of the patient with an aim to prevent gynecological problems from developing. It focuses on natural treatments and behavioral changes instead of, or to prevent, medical treatment. Many women are reluctant to talk about their overall health and feel that they should be able to take care of themselves. Dr. Bourara offers assistance in maintaining overall good health. Holistic practice acknowledges that in addition to the bacteria, virus or other issue causing a condition as the root of the problem, there are other issues that allow an illness to take hold. By examining the health of the mind, body and spirit, the doctor can help the patient address their health beyond eliminating a specific illness.

What Does a Holistic or Alternative Gynecologist Do?

Most women assume that a pelvic exam is the only reason to see a gynecologist. During holistic treatment, the doctor will take more time to talk to the patient about her specific health concerns and methods to solve those issues. A pelvic exam may be done, if the patient is due for her preventative exam or if she relates a problem that requires it. The doctor may also instruct the patient on how to perform Kegel exercises to keep her pelvic floor strong to prevent incontinence or a prolapse of the bladder or uterus. The doctor also will ensure that the patient is familiar with her anatomy, so that if something were to change or be out of the ordinary that she would notice and seek further treatment in early stages. In addition, the doctor will encourage the patient to talk about her life including stresses, what makes her happy or sad, and how to make changes to live a healthy and balanced life.

Dr. Bourara's practice has a female herbalist on site to provide alternative gynecological treatments for patients who prefer a female practitioner. 

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