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Mustapha Bourara, MD -  - OB-GYN

Mustapha Bourara, MD

OB-GYN located in Queens, Astoria, NY

Dr. Bourara offers confidential STD screening and treatment at his practice based in Astoria, Queens, NY.


How Will I Know if I Have an STD?

Many STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases do not present symptoms immediately. If you engage in any at risk sexual behaviors, including but not limited to multiple or casual partners or not using barrier contraception like condoms, you should be tested for STD’s regularly. The best way to know if you have contracted an STD is by having regular screenings as most STDs do not present symptoms for months or even years.  If you experience symptoms like sores or ulcers in the genital area, painful itching or a rash in the genital area, painful urination, or abnormal discharge from the penis or vagina you should seek screening and treatment. Most STD’s can be treated with an antibiotic, but some if left untreated can cause serious complications, infertility or death.

What is HPV?

HPV is the Human Papillomavirus. HPV is a grouping of approximately 150 related viruses, each differentiated with a number. The name comes from the Latin word Papilloma, because of the warts that are symptomatic of many of these viruses.  Some forms of HPV are linked to cancer, most commonly cervical cancer, but also testicular, rectal and throat cancers. HPV is the most common of sexually transmitted infections. The Center for Disease control estimates that 70% of the population of the United States has the virus. The virus can be transmitted even when the infected person has no signs or symptoms. Symptoms can sometimes take years to present.

What Can I do to Protect Myself?

The most important thing you can do to protect yourself from STDs is practice safe sex. Use barrier contraception, know your partner’s history, aim for monogamy, have regular screenings.  A vaccine is available for HPV. Boys and girls should be vaccinated around the age of 11 or 12 and people up to the age of 26 can catch up with the vaccinations.


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